Our Story

We’re dedicated to making flavors come to life - right in your kitchen!

Our Spices

We let our ingredients do the talking without filling our blends with sodium. We let the natural flavors of Bell Pepper, Tomato, and assorted Chillies do the heavy lifting.

  • Tony Lagana


    45 years preparing food of all types, a super taster and flavor master.

  • Sachie Ratvongsa

    Development Chef

    Sachie has worked in the culinary center for two years, worked in many Orlando restaurants from French to Asian concepts, and developes new blends and application recipes.

  • Lek Yoelao

    Culinary Advisors

    With 40 years of culinary experience from hotels to restaurants, Kraft foods and more Lek advises on proper flavor balance and works on new recipe concepts.

  • Kevin LaLiberty

    Co Founder

    An advertising graduate of University of Florida, Kevin worked his way through school in many different types of restaurants, a self-taught chef, Kevin continues to hone his skills in recipe work at the culinary center.

  • Anan Lagana

    Co Founder

    A business graduate of University of Florida, Anan grew up working in the culinary center with his Dad, and his mother also a chef, learning the love of food from early on.