Amazing Flavor, Low Sodium

Our Spices Are Low Sodium Allowing The Flavors to Take Center Stage.

“Quite frankly the Best spice blend you will ever taste”

- Chef Lagana

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  • Italian Lemon Pepper


    Savory herbs, pepper, onion, and garlic with the tang of lemon for easy meals indoors and out!

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  • Island Citrus Blast (Salt Free)


    Our blend of orange, lemon and lime, with herbs, chilies, and spices will 'blast' your taste buds with tangy flavor.

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  • Southwest Zesty Fiesta


    Liven up your meals with a zesty blend of bell peppers, guajillo, lemon, herbs, and spices.

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  • Wicked Pork Rub w/ Ghost Pepper


    Perfect for anything BBQ, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Spices and a touch of Ghost Chili.

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  • Chili Lime Adobo w/ Chipotle


    A sweet & smokey blend of chipotle, Aleppo-style chili flakes, cumin, oregano and a zip of lime.

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  • Rajun Cajun w/ Carolina Reaper


    Sea Salt, Cajun Spices, and Carolina Reaper bring out the best in flavor for blackening, jambalaya and more.

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  • Texas Brisket w/ Hatch Chili


    Cracked Pepper, Sea Salt, Bell Peppers, and Hatch Chili blended for perfect briskets and steaks

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  • Peri-Peri Chicken w/ Bird's Eye Chili


    Straight from “London” the perfect combination of spice, tang, garlic, and citrus kicks any meal into high gear.

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  • Ghost Chili


    Earth and Smokey, one of the hottest peppers. With a Scoville unit of over 1 million.

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  • Bird's Eye Chili


    Impactful heat and aroma, this small chili packs a punch at Scoville unit of 50,000-100,000.

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  • Hatch Chili


    Earthy flavor comes from the rich New Mexico soil it is grown in. Our red Hatch Chili has a Scoville unit of 4500.

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  • Carolina Reaper


    The hottest commercially available pepper in the world. With a Scoville unit of 1.5 million.

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Why Choose Us?

Chef Crafted, over 45 years making great flavor, our blends allow anyone to “cook like a chef”.

  • low sodium

    Low Sodium

    We let our ingredients do the talking! Great flavors without the need for tons of salt.

  • non gmo

    Non GMO

    We take special care, that none of our ingredients have been genetically modified.

  • natural ingredients

    Natural Ingredients

    Its all about clean label and make sure that the ingredients are as good for you as they taste.

  • gluten free

    Gluten Free

    No need for fillers, naturally gluten free.

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    Get a taste of how to make Whiskey Glazed Salmon with our signature Italian Lemon Pepper.

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    Learn how to make a Citrus Blast Pie with our famous Island Citrus Blast Seasoning.

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